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Shetland Wool Adventures - Journal Vol 4

  • A Sheep Like No Other – Ronnie Eunson explains why organic Shetland wool is undergoing a major upsurge in demand.
  • Putting Down Roots at Garths Croft Bressay – Chris Dyer tells us why he and his wife moved to Shetland and have never looked back.
  • The Ocean’s Warp and Weft – Going back to a time with Carol Christiansen, when woven cloth was finished in the sea around Shetland.
  • Jarlshof – A walk through 4000 years of Shetland history – One of our tour guides and an archaeologist, Deborah Lamb, breathes life into the stones.
  • A Brief History of Lerwick – Local historian Douglas M. Sinclair travels back in time to delve into Lerwick’s history.
  • The Venice of the North – Examining the historical glory of Lerwick’s lodberries.
  • The Unique Charm of the Island Croft House – Mike Finnie looks at the most traditional Shetland habitation.
  • A Place of Safety – Vivian Ross-Smith looks at belonging, place and comfort.
  • Fair Isle Chairs – In 2018, Eve Eunson began an ambitious research project
    to survey the traditional chairs of Fair Isle.
  • A Moment to Escape – Be inspired by the breath taking views from most stunning points throughout Shetland.
  • On the Trail of Jimmy Perez – We’ll join Laurie Goodlad on a tourist experience dedicated to the famous Shetland TV series.
  • Spinning a Web of Wonderful Wool – Jamieson’s of Shetland is an extraordinary place to visit, the only working spinning mill in the isles. Gill Nadin takes us on a tour.
WALKS (by Gill Nadin)
  • Discover St Ninian’s Isle – A Real Treasure
    A walk across the sea and into a magical island world full of secrets.
  • Land of Fire – Volcano Walking in Eshaness
    A journey through some of Shetland’s most dramatic coastal scenery.
  • Undiscovered Shetland – Deepdale
    A western wander, far from the madding crowd.
  • Rhubarbaria: The Pinkest Shetland Book – Hayley Anderton celebrates a book about a plant that grows in the isles and is both tasty and plentiful.
  • Food for Thought – Marian Armitage speaks about the past, the present and the future of food in the isles.
  • Shetland Recipes – Marian Armitage, James Martin of Peerie Shop Café, Wilma Malcolmson and Speldiburn Café share some favourite recipes with us.

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