Additional Information
Country of Manufacture : Iceland
Brand : Hélène Magnusson
Catégorie Laine : Lace - 2 Ply
Fiber Type : Wool
Composition Laine : 100% new wool, 100% pure Icelandic wool, lace, 2-ply
Lavage Laine : hand wash
Poids Laine : 25 Grams
Longueur Laine : approx. 112 m/ 123 yds
Diamètre Aiguille : 2.50, 2.75, 3.00
Echantillon 10 Cm : 28-32 mailles


Grýla is a lovely 2-ply (Tvíband in Icelandic) lace yarn made of pure Icelandic wool created by Hélène Magnússon. Because it is composed of two very different types of hair, the long and coarse tog and the fine and short þel, the Icelandic wool is very difficult to spin into a plied lace yarn and Grýla is as such a remarkable accomplishment.

No mill in Iceland having the capacity to produce such a yarn, the wool is sent abroad where it is spun and plied. 

Grýla Tvíband is made in a mill in Italy with high quality sheep wool.

Grýla is very sturdy, yet light and warm, perfect for knitting lace and fine long lasting garments as well as hardwearing accessories such as mittens.

Grýla Tvíband Grýla Tvíband
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