Additional Information
Country of Manufacture : Japan
Brand : Habu
Catégorie Laine : Lace
Fiber Type : Silk, Stainless
Composition Laine : 69% soie et 31% stainless
Lavage Laine : A la main
Poids Laine : 14 gr
Longueur Laine : 277 M (311 yards)
Diamètre Aiguille : 2.50, 3.00
Laine Pull 38 : 4 à 5 cônes


Habu are, above all, lovers of material ; since 1999 they propose knitwear, wearings and yarns…

It is a refined and quality wool.

First used in industry to produce oil filters and now available for weavers, knitters and yarn artists !
It is a stainless steel with silk wrapped around. Because of the stainless steel, this yarn has a memory : you can create a shape, twist it and it will remain in place until you change it.

It is easier to knit it in 2 strands, although a lace stitch knit in single thread can be very beautiful.

The silk 1/20 stainless is an extra lace that shines slightly.


habu stainless

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